Associated Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Oppositional defiance and single psychotic episodeChildren with schizophrenia often have other symptoms and disorders such as depression, hearing disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, behavioral problems and suicidal tendencies. In 70% of patients with schizophrenia are found the symptoms of other diseases, in most cases — a behavioral disorder or depression (AT Russell, Bott & Sammons, 1989). Considering the fact that over a long period of time, autism and schizophrenia is considered to be interrelated forms of pathology, it is interesting to note that children with schizophrenia doesn’t have increased risk of autism and other severe disorders related to developmental disabilities.

In most cases of childhood schizophrenia disease does not develop suddenly, but gradually, while 90% of patients before the onset of the disease don’t have any behavioral or mental disorders (A. T. Russell, 1994). So, symptoms of conduct disorder and communication problems began to appear much earlier than the psychotic symptoms. Considering the biography of the patients, prior to the outbreak of the disease, it is difficult to determine whether the associated symptoms of childhood schizophrenia are harbingers of disease, its early manifestations or side effects (JR Asarnow & Asarnow, 1996).

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